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Tuesday Sept 21 - Adaptation & Change
Morning (FREE)
9:30 am - Welcome Reception - Trends in 2022
10:00 am - INNOVATION: The Roaring 20s & Opportunity in Times of Chaos
11:00 am - MEGATRENDS: Top 18 Countdown for 2022
11:30 am - LUNCH KEYNOTE: Create The Future

Afternoon (PRO & VIP)
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•Media, CPG, Alcohol, Grocery, Retail, Hospitality, Kids, Media or Tech

Wednesday Sept 22 - Trends & Opportunities (PRO & VIP Tickets)
9:30 am Welcome Reception - Trends in 2022
10:00 am - CONSUMER: Generational Evolution in Chaos
11:00 am - MEDIA: New Wave Social Media
11:30 am - EXPERIENCE: Experiential Economy 2.0
12:00 pm - LUNCH KEYNOTE: Better and Faster
1:00 pm - WORK CULTURE: Reinventing Employeecentricity
1:30 pm - MARKETING: The Era of Empowerment
2:00 pm - RETAIL: Reinventing Shopping
2:30 pm - Break
3:00 pm - INNOVATION: Innovator Stories
3:30 pm - SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Creating a Future
4:00 pm - AI & TECH: The Super Future
4:30 pm - Wrap Up

Wednesday Sept 23 - Innovation (PRO & VIP Tickets)
9:30 am EDT Welcome Reception - Workshop Tactics
10:00 am Innovation and Prototyping Masterclass
10:20 am Learn The Patterns of Opportunity
11:20 am Best Practices for Redefining Ideas
11:40 am Best Practices for Running This Workshop With Your Team

You are about to experience the greatest window of opportunity in your career. Post-pandemic, needs change, the world evolves and everything is just a little bit different. Know how to spot the trends and you can thrive. JOIN US!

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Cosmetic Supplement
Beauty-focused ingestible supplements are offered in unique formats
Trend - Health brands are branching out from offering beauty-enhancing pills and are now offering their beauty supplements in unique formats. These include everything from dissolvable strips to...
IoT Retail
Platforms that monitor, gather data and form insights enhance retail experiences
Trend - IoT platforms are being used to determine the best options for a range of retail processes and issues. These connected solutions help brands do everything from ensuring that COVID-19 safety...
Contactless Kiosk
Contactless kiosks make retail convenient and safer for stores and customers
Trend - Retailers are increasingly purchasing payment and/or ordering kiosks that are entirely contactless in order to make the checkout or ordering process simpler for users, as well as reducing...
Precision Pen
The cosmetics industry uses pen formats for precision application
Trend - Unlikely products in the cosmetic industry are now being offered in pen-like packaging, as this type of packaging offers ease of application, precision, and portability. Everything from...
Antioxidant Infusion
Antioxidants are infused into unlikely products
Trend - The popularity of antioxidants in things like food, beverage and skincare has resulted in brands branching out and infusing these oxidation harm-reducing substances into unlikely products...
Top This Week
Pop-Up Solar-Powered Campers
The 'Stella Vita' Camper Travels 450-Miles Per Charge
Body-Inclusive Activewear Lines
Peloton Has Announced the Launch of 'Peloton Apparel'
Refillable Eco Toothpastes
The HAAN Vibrant Journeys Toothpaste Series Focuses on Sustainability
Multipurpose Furniture Consoles
The 'O Side Table' is Compact, Functional and Fashionable
Cubic Off-Road Adventure Vans
The Conceptual Mercedes-Benz G-Van by Samir Sadikhov is Capable
Shape-Shifting E-Bikes
The Sokudo is Ash Thorp's Conceptual Transforming E-Bike for Tesla
Peanut-Themed Nature Retreats
Planters' NUTMOBILE Turned Into the INN a NUTshell
Art-Inspired NFT Clothing
Glendfiddich Partners With Stephanie Fung on Digital-Only Fashion Line
Cinnamon-Filled Korean Pancakes
Trader Joe’s Sweet Cinnamon Filled Korean Pancakes are a Treat
Pop Culture
20 Unusual Ice Cream Flavors
From Condiment-Inspired Ice Creams to Vegan Olive Oil Ice Creams
10 Celebrity Beauty Products
From Olive Oil Beauty Brands to Celebrity-Backed Floral Fragrances
25 Barista-Quality Coffee Machines
From Manual Espresso Presses to Cafe-Style Coffee Machines
11 NFT Innovations
From Collectible Digital Pizzas to Virtual Gaming Jackets
Art & Design
10 Chartiable Home Products
From Charitable Candle Collections to Crumpet-Shaped Slippers
10 Custom Jewelry Options
From Made-to-Order Wedding Rings to DNA-Infused Jewelry
10 Eco-Friendly Architectural Designs
From 3D-Printing to Recycled Plastic Materials
10 Backyard Furniture Designs
From Quick-Drying Sets to Teak Outdoor Furniture
Social Good
17 Genderless Fashion Lines
From Gender Neutral Sustainable Fashion to Unisex Carbon-Neutral Boots
10 Charitable Business Endevors
From COVID-19 Release Funds to Grassroots Organizations
Breaking the Myth of World War II
Keith Lowe's Talk on World War Ii is Rooted in a Modern Context
The Importance of Sponsorship
Carla Harris' Talk on Sponsorship Details How to Secure One at Work
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