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Top Social Businesses
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1. Floating Survival Houses

This Device is Vital Survival Tool in Case of a Disaster

2. Gorgeous Post-Surgery Bras

This Brand Makes Beautiful Mastectomy Lingerie for Cancer Survivors

3. Community-Built Pubs

This British Pub Will Be Built by Volunteers and Local Tradespeople

Hot in Social

1. Poignant Firearm Artwork

This Exhibit Explores Our Complex Relationship with Firearms

2. Satirical Safety Signs

These Hand-Eye Supply Posters Poke Fun at Workshop Caution Signs

3. Homeless Painted Portraits

The Proceeds from These Homeless Art Pieces Benefit Those They Depict

Hot in Eco

1. Top 50 Home Ideas in August

From Elevated Housing Domes to Functional Micro Apartments

2. Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas

This Mind-Blowing House Was Built in Just 10 Days Using a 3D Printer

3. Natural Barbecue Scrapers

The Cedar Scraper is a Clean Barbecue Alternative to the Bristle Brush

4. Upcycled Skateboard Seats

These Unique Stools are Made with Padded Skateboards

5. 15 Upcycled Skateboard Items

From Repurposed Skateboard Art to Converted Half Pipe Desks

6. Found Object Sideboards

This Upcycled Furniture Piece Takes Inspiration from Barnacles

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