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Hot in Social

1. Top 75 Pop Culture Trends in February

From Gay Rights Dance Parties to Harry Potter Beverages

2. Top 45 Social Good Ideas in February

From Inclusive Dance Apparel to Women's March Campaigns

3. Naturally Imperfect Swimsuit Ads

This Lane Bryant Ad Shows Plus-Size Model Denise Bidot Unedited

4. Ocean Conservation-Supporting Shorts

Blakkfinn & Co. Athletic Shorts Give Back with Each Pair Sold

Hot in Eco

1. Top 100 Health Trends in February

From Mobility-Enhancing Scooters to Accessible Small Homes

2. Top 44 Eco Trends in February

From Five Ingredient Toothpastes to Waste-Reducing Fruit Snacks

3. Top 50 Eco Design Ideas in February

From Inverted Roof Designs to Air-Filtering Scarves

4. Top 35 Transportation Ideas in February

From Mobile Meditation Buses to Smartphone-Connected Cars

5. 40 Solid Personal Care Products

These Unique Personal Care Products Come in Bar and Stick Forms

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