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Tiana Reid, Community Manager (@socialbizorg)

Top Social Businesses
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1. Food Waste Bread Dumplings

Knödelkult's Delicious Dumplings Are Made From Unsold Bread

2. Plastic-Swapping Stores

The Amazonian Ecological Market Lets Customers Trade Recyclables for Food

3. Poverty-Fighting Kids Fashion

The Kinnd Project is a Stylish Clothing Line Helping Youth in Need

4. Product Modelling Networks

Makersite Provides Transparency Tools to Map Out Ethical Supply Chains

5. Marriage Equality Ice Creams

Ben & Jerry's New Promotion Supports Australia's Equality Campaign

6. Poverty-Fighting Restaurants

The EAT Cafe in Philadelphia Offers a Pay-What-You-Can Policy

Hot in Social

1. Upcycled Designer Swimwear

adidas and Aquafil Have Teamed Up to Design Sustainable Swimwear

2. Rent-to-Own Housing Projects

Cass Community Social Services Has Completed Six Tiny Homes

3. Socially Focused Refugee Tents

Maidan Tent Aims to Offer a Social Hub in Refugee Villages

4. Interactive Awareness Websites

A New UNHCR Site Answers Questions About the Syrian Refugee Crisis

5. Charitable Political Toilet Papers

Some of the Proceeds from Trump Paper Will Go To a Good Cause

6. Educational Eco Players

This Poverty-Fighting Program Uses a Solar MP3 Player to Help Poor Women

Hot in Eco

1. 45 Indoor Gardening Systems

From Hydroponic Grow Systems to Stress-Reducing Desk Gardens

2. Connected Home Water Heaters

The Heatworks MODEL 3 Smart Water Heater Saves Water and Money

3. Intuitive Indoor Gardens

'Seedsheet' Indoor Gardens are Themed and Easy to Use

4. Utility Cargo Bikes

The Yuba Supermarche Cargo Bike Can Haul Up to 300 Lbs Plus a Rider

5. Artificial Green Mountains

'Hilldegarden' Will Repurpose an Antiquated War Bunker in Hamburg

6. Algae-Based Shoes

Vivobarefoot is Making Shoes Out of an Eco-Friendly Algae-Based Foam

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SOCIAL BUSINESS (www.socialbusiness.org) and its partner groups are dedicated to raising awareness of social businesses around the world. Our dream is that everyone will choose to work for a social or environmental business in the future, and that starts first with awareness.

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