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Top Social Businesses
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1. Microloan-Funding Necklaces

The Female-Empowering Socially Conscious Accessories Contain Crystals

2. Socially Conscious Throw Pillows

These Home Decor Items From Far & Wide Collective are Uzbekistani

3. Social Good Timepieces

Azula Watches Feature a Fabric Face and Benefit Those in Need

4. Ethical Artisanal Plushies

These Handmade Plush Toys From Dsenyo Help Empower Female Artisans

5. Artisan-Benefitting Kitchenware

Shopping for a Change's Fair Trade Kitchenware is Artisanal

6. World-Changing Gum

The Sugar-Free Chewing Gum From Project 7 Benefits Seven Different Causes

7. Worn Clothing Swaps

Patagonia is Giving Away Free Used Clothes on Black Friday So People Buy Less

8. 85 World-Changing Presentations

From Youth-Oriented Social Activism to Pioneering Market Systems

Hot in Social

1. Top 100 Tech Ideas in November

From Bluetooth Light Switches to Fast Food Flash Drives

2. Top 100 Marketing Ideas in November

From Tweet-Designed Dresses to Gift-Wrapped Resumes

3. Top 100 Architecture Ideas in November

From Biodegradable Forest Shelters to Dual Sport Facilities

4. Top 80 Unique Ideas in November

From Creepy Primate Decor to Rock Climbing Weddings

5. Top 80 World Ideas in November

From Winery Train Tours to Luxe Airline Accomodations

6. Top 100 Pop Culture Ideas in November

From Skeletal Canine Costumes to Saucy Halloween Tutorials

Hot in Eco

1. Top 100 Design Ideas in November

From Zen Garden Lights to Deceptive Paper Packaging

2. Top 100 Home Ideas in November

From Bluetooth Light Switches to Portion Control Plates

3. Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in November

From Suggestive Disney Costumes to Pepperoni Pizza Cakes

4. 100 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

From Dainty Wrist Adornments to Silky Hearrthob Pillows

5. Top 40 Luxury Ideas in November

From Hip NYC Residences to Car-Inspired Boats

6. Top 75 Eco Ideas in November

From Record-Breaking Electric Cars to Celebratory Snack Packaging

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