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Top Social Businesses
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1. 55 Healthy Social Innovations

From Fruit Jerky Products to Clean Air Clothing

2. 65 Creative Rituals of Social Entrepreneurs

Resetting, From Drinking Coffee to Dancing and Yoga

3. 50 Social Enterprise Tips

Interviews with Entrepreneurs Changing the World

4. 12 Kerosene-Conscious Innovations

From Energy Poverty Entrepreneurs to Design-Focused LED Lanterns

5. Solar Light Bulbs

Nokero Aims to Rid the World of Dangerous Kerosene

6. Agricultural Information Technologies

eKutir is a Social Innovation Helping Smallholder Farmers

7. Life-Changing Coffee Deliveries

Vega Connects Farmers and Consumers Directly

8. Social Change Supporters

The Engine Room Takes Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

9. Ethical Handcrafted Chocolate

Clonakilty is a Delicious and Community-Oriented Company

10. Sustainable Business Incubators

Gone Adventurin' is a Social Enterprise Based in Singapore

11. Disruptive Social Change Centers

The Young Foundation is Determined to Create Equal Societies

12. Nutty Supply Chain Businesses

Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation is a Haitian Innovation

13. Personalized Education Technologies

The Digital Learning Alliance is an Awesome Social Enterprise

Hot in Social

1. 50 Pieces of Women's Workout Gear

From Sporty Ballerina Shoes to Energy-Generating Fitness Attire

2. Violent Shadow Billboards

UNICEF's Domestic Violence Ad Takes on a Darker Tone at Night

Hot in Eco

1. Top 100 Design Trends in July

From Floating Skyline Havens to Transparent Geometry Planters

2. Top 70 Eco Trends in July

From Water Conservation Structures to Transparent Home Gardens

3. Floating Farming Systems

'Floating Responsive Agriculture' Will Likely be Tested in Singapore

4. Gorgeous Tape Portraits

Ghost in the Machine by Erika Simmons is Made Using Films and Cassettes

5. Stadium Housing Complexes

Casa Futebol Turns Unused Soccer Arenas into Low-Income Homes

6. Finned Frying Pans

The Flare Pan Reinvents Traditional Cooking Pots

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