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It's my favorite week of the year! This is when we release all of our TOP 100 LISTS.

As a caveat, if you want the see the higher level consumer insights, download our professional 2021 Trend Report PDF or get our custom research (It's better, 20x faster and 1/10th the price of traditional research).

Otherwise, check out ALL THE TOP 100 LISTS, or check out some of my favs:

Top 100 Fashion Trends in 2020
Top 100 Food Trends in 2020
Top 100 TECH Trends in 2020
Top 100 Marketing Trends in 2020
Top 100 Eco Trends in 2020
Top 100 Health Trends in 2020
Top 100 Pop Culture Trends in 2020
Top 100 Social Media Trends in 2020

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Immersive Roleplay
Brands are introducing thoughtful features that enhance the gaming experience
Trend - In order to immerse consumers more into their video games, brands are launching accessible products that can seamlessly enhance roleplay. These innovations boast voice changing capabilities...
Solid Beverage
Beverage companies are increasingly experimenting with new product formats
Trend - Brands are looking to diversify the drinking experience for the consumer by offering hot beverages—such as coffee, hot chocolate, and tea—in a solid format. Mess-free and less wasteful...
Appified Side-Hustle
Tech brands are incorporating side hustle-specific features in their apps
Trend - Developers are creating mobile applications that can assist consumers and budding entrepreneurs with building and maintaining their side hustles. The platforms include useful features,...
Top This Week
Women Empowerment Collections
Posh Peanut is Supporting Girls Ahead of International Women's Day
Conceptual Eco-Conscious Motorcycles
The BMW D-05T Creates an Emotional Connection with Riders
Pocket-Friendly Portable Drink Cups
The 'HUNU+' Collapsible Drink Cup Comes in Two Size Options
Carbon Fiber-Infused Camping Vehicles
The Darc Mono Off-Road Camper Truck is Feature-Rich
Multilevel Indoor Gardening Systems
The Conceptual 'GreenVita' Indoor Planter is Self-Sufficient
Automotive Camping Kitchens
The ARB Slide Kitchen Keeps Components Inside an SUV or Truck
Adjustable Silicone Water Bottles
The Que Collapsible Water Bottle Compacts Down When Not in Use
Writing Utensil-Inspired Mouses
This Ergonomic Mouse Concept by Foxtail Gihawoo is Comfort-Focused
Yoga-Enhancing Tone Weights
B Yoga is Helping Consumers Add Resistance to Their Workout
Pop Culture
10 Unusually Scented Candles
From Scented Tomato Candles to Jockstrap-Scented Candles
Hilarious Anti-2020 Candles
The Burn 2020 Burn Candle is the Perfect New Years Gift
15 Interactive Packaging Innovations
From AR Soda Cans to NFC Wine Packaging
10 At-Home Workout Apps
From Videocall Fitness Apps to Discounted Home Workout Apps
Art & Design
10 Quirky Kitchen Supplies
From Avian-Inspired Kitchen Kettles to Moose-Themed Shot Glasses
18 Examples Contemporary Children's Decor
From Animal-Inspired Seating to Modular Furniture Lines
10 Hand Sanitizing Innovations
From Hand Sanitizer Bracelets to Silk-Based Gel Sanitizers
20 Indoor Garden Accessories
From Vertical Windowsill Gardens to Self-Sufficient Micro Gardens
Social Good
10 Virtual Cooking Experiences
From Free Children Cooking Series to Virtual Cooking Camps
12 Thanksgiving Innovations
From Thanksgiving-Themed Nuggets to Plant-Based Holiday Roasts
Searching for Common Ground
Zachary R. Wood Delivers a Talk on Uncomfortable Learning as a Tool
Redefining Modern Womanhood
Christen Reighter's Talk on Sterilization Considers Patriarchal Ideals
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