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It's that magical time of year where our 2021 Trend Report is available for download HERE.... Thanks to all of you who took part in the official launch at our Future Festival last week. 12,000 people in total!

This version of the report is our high-level Top 100 version, which has a bit more depth than our "magazine version" that comes out later. We will also be doing a Part 2 in Q1 given that there's so much chaos and change rampant in our world.

If you want to chat about CUSTOM trend research, we have done more than 2,000 custom trend reports during this COVID-19 period. Our custom work is better because it is data-driven and applicable to you, and it is about 20x faster than traditional custom research, and 1/10th the price. Message Advisory@TrendHunter.com if you are interested in discussing more.

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Breakfast Beer
Brands are launching interesting beer flavors to tap into consumer curiosity
Trend - Both breakfast restaurants and beer brands are experimenting with fusing the alcoholic beverage and the sensibilities of early morning dining. From red ales infused with bacon to coffee-...
Lupini Snack
As an ingredient, the lupini bean is becoming increasingly popular in North America
Trend - The lupini bean is an excellent plant-based source of protein and fiber, in addition to being low in carbohydrates. Popular in Europe, the superfood ingredient is now entering the North...
Ethical Delivery
Ethical or "clean" meat and produce boxes help support local economies
Trend - Produce and meat delivery services are prioritizing ethical consumption with a focus on local sourcing, humane farming practices and/or clean-eating. These delivery boxes cater to health-...
Hot Ideas
Energy Efficient Tiny Homes
The 'Kirimoko' Tiny House Follows the Passive House Construction Ethos
Size-Inclusive Goddess Figure Candles
These Candles Honor the Natural Beauty of Female Bodies
Tech-Enriched Living Room Beds
The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed Has an All-in-One Design
High-End Automotive eBikes
The Conceptual Tesla Model B Electric Bike is Ultra-Futuristic
Collaborative Tiny Homes
The IKEA Tiny Home Project Explores the Use of 187 Square Foot Spaces
Ergonomic Pivoting Clothing Irons
This Conceptual Electric Iron Allows for Optimized Garment Care
Eco Solar-Powered Tiny Homes
The GoSun Dream Tiny House will be Available in 2021
Minimally Designed Fitness Wearables
WHOOP Makes Training More Functional with Sleek Monitors
Cute Desktop Companion Robots
The 'Emo' AI Desktop Pet Has a Neural Network Processor
Featured Top Lists
15 Interactive Packaging Innovations
From AR Soda Cans to NFC Wine Packaging
25 Food Waste Reduction Innovations
From Food Waste Cookies to Food-Preserving Produce Labels
15 Witty Publicity Stunts
From Vegan Bacon Tasters to Punny Beer Giveaways
10 Pre-Owned Luxury Good Platforms
From Sneaker Resale Marketplace to Circular Fashion Partnership
Pop Culture
10 Unusually Scented Candles
From Scented Tomato Candles to Jockstrap-Scented Candles
Expansie Cartoon-Inspired Apparel
Primitive Skateboarding Drops a Large Dragon Ball Super Capsule
10 Virtual Cooking Experiences
From Free Children Cooking Series to Virtual Cooking Camps
12 Virtual Dining Experiences
From VR Fast Food Restaurants to Telepresence Dining Furniture
Art & Design
18 Glass Design Innovations
From Multifunctional Glass Sculptures to Vibrant Glass Lighting
10 Personalized Packaging Designs
From Appreciative Jar Packaging to Premium Organic Tomato Sauces
20 Sustainable Drinking Innovations
From Eco Wine Maker Initiatives to Plastic-Free Beer Packaging
100 Eco Innovations for November
From Tree-Hugging Beer Ads to Recycled Denim Capsule Collections
Youthful Luxury Platforms
Tmall Luxury's New Features Educate, Entertain & Engage Gen Z Buyers
Glacier-Inspired Luxury Watches
The Haskell Polar Blue Pays Homage to the Terra Nova expedition
20 Novelty Streetwear Products
From Skeletal Luxury Scarves to Streetwear Tool Boxes
10 Sustainable Jewelry Brands
From Dainty Recycled Gold Jewelry to Carbon Neutral Jewelry
Social Good
12 Thanksgiving Innovations
From Thanksgiving-Themed Nuggets to Plant-Based Holiday Roasts
10 Ugly Sweater-Themed Products
From Sweater-Inspired Shoes to Snack-Branded Ugly Sweaters
The Power of Eating
Dr. Mark Hyman Gives a Talk about The Impact of Food
Enabling the Human Potential
Jai Natarajan's Brief Talk on Ethical Employment is Hopeful & Strong
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