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KEYNOTE VIDEO: 13 Lessons From the Roaring 20s
I've enclosed a few goodies to inspire you about 2022 and the New Roaring 20s, including my newest full keynote video. Happy planning, and enjoy!

1. MY NEWEST FUTURE FESTIVAL KEYNOTE: Learn 13 Business Lessons From The Roaring 20s & Black Plague

2. CREATE THE FUTURE VIDEO (Join 4,000,000 inspired!) - These times of change create new paths of opportunity for you. Don't miss out. Prepare for your next level with tactics on disruptive thinking, from my latest award-winner, Create The Future: (30 Minute Keynote)

3. EXPLOITING CHAOS BOOK PDF- Free Download of My Award-Winning Chaos Book, Exploiting Chaos - 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change (direct download)

4. FUTURE FESTIVAL in 2022: Come to Future Festival LA next week, or one of 7 cities in 2022:

5. 2022 Trend Report - FREE DOWNLOAD - Stay ahead of what's next with our most-updated version of the 2022 Trend Report, loaded with 100 insights, 500+ examples... Already downloaded by more than 310,000 people:
2022 Trend Report

If you want to chat more about our keynotes, Accelerator Programs, Custom Master-Classes or custom research for 2022, now is a great time to chat about what's next. Email our team directly at: Advisory@TrendHunter.com

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Accessible Gaming
eSports are becoming more accessible for people with disabilities
Trend - Despite eSports’ popularity, the industry is still behind when it comes to accessibility for people with disabilities. This is slowly changing with initiatives, tools and features that...
Recycled Linen
Home linens are being made with recycled materials
Trend - Home items like linens are often viewed as a necessity, and in the age of climate change are being adapted with eco-friendly materials. Products like towels are now being made from materials...
Sustainable Pets
Pet food is now being used to reduce brands' environmental impact
Trend - Pet food brands are now offering environmentally friendly food options for cats and dogs. These sustainable options include everything from insect-based foods, to foods made from invasive...
Bio Tile
Home tiling solutions are now being made with sustainable materials
Trend - Home tiling brands are now offering specialty tiles that are made with sustainable ingredients. Products in this space include everything from tiles made with repurposed fish scales, to ones...
Waste Discount
Brands initiate waste-reduction programs while offering discounts to customers
Trend - More brands are looking to reduce their environmental impact by offering waste-reducing, repurposing programs and products that offer consumers specialty discounts for purchasing items that...
Top This Week
Black Friday Food Giveaways
Baskin-Robbins is Celebrating the Holidays With Promotional Giveaways
Vet-Endorsed Dog Sneakers
RIFRUF's New Caesar 1S Dog Sneaker Boasts a Stylish Streetwear Aesthetic
Inflatable Truck Camping Shells
The Flated Air Topper is Easy to Store When Not in Use
Modular One-Person Cars
The CMPN Concept by Sungguk Park Imagines a Single-Person Vehicle
Carbon Fiber Folding Knives
CRKT Upgrades Its Minimalst CEO Folder Blade with S35VN Steel
Ergonomic Wrist Rest Mouses
The Conceptual 'Allin' Ergonomic Mouse Works without Buttons
Two-Bedroom Tiny Homes
The Build Tiny 'Kingfisher' Packs Everything into a Small Space
Motorcycle-Inspired Nanocars
This Nanocar Blends the Advantages Of Cars and Two-Wheelers
Ultra-Durable Reusable Utensils
The Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit is Crafted From Pure Titanium
Pop Culture
10 Celebrity Beauty Products
From Olive Oil Beauty Brands to Celebrity-Backed Floral Fragrances
10 Versatile Jumpsuit Designs
From Protective Travel Jumpsuits to Sustainable Celebrity Jumpsuits
25 Barista-Quality Coffee Machines
From Manual Espresso Presses to Cafe-Style Coffee Machines
10 Sci-Fi Gadget Designs
From Sci-Fi-Inspired Hard Drives to Game-Inspired Character Clocks
Art & Design
15 Natural Cleaning Products
From Eco Fiber Cleaning Sponges to Denim-Specific Detergents
10 Chartiable Home Products
From Charitable Candle Collections to Crumpet-Shaped Slippers
20 Refillable Beauty Packaging Designs
From Turmeric Moisturizers to Plastic-Free Lipsticks
15 Revolutionary Skincare Products
From Anti-Aging Algae Serums to Organic Moringa-Infused Oils
Social Good
10 Inclusive Pride Campaigns
From Pride Eyewear Collections to Empowering Pride Sneakers
Mammoth-Sized Wind Generators
Wind Catching Systems is Constructing a Unique Wind Generator
The Future of Play
Leisure Trend Keynote Speaker Courtney Scharf on the Evolution of Entertainment
Understanding Women's Anger
Soraya Chemaly's Talk on Women's Anger Advocates for Its Expression
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