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In celebration of The 2022 Trend Report (FREE DOWNLOAD, I have 3 resources for you this week:

1. VIDEO: BUSINESS LESSONS FROM THE ROARING 20s (2 mins) - This year, our Future Festival themes are all about post-pandemic opportunity, including loads of business and culture lessons from the Roaring 20s. It's going to be REALLY interesting, timely, and perhaps the most important 2 years of your career. Watch my 2 minute video on post-pandemic opportunity and then join us either VIRTUALLY or in one of 6 cities / 9 events..

2. WEBINAR RECORDING: 2022 Trend Report (60 Minutes) - If you missed the webinar, this is the Top 20 Trend Report webinar from last week with our Chief Insight Officer and Myself.

3. The 2022 Trend Report (12mb PDF DOWNLOAD) - This is a FIXED LINK from last week. If you did not download, use this one and you only have to verify your email once. Get this report if you don't have it yet! :)
MUST WATCH: 2 Mins on the Roaring 20s Theme for Future Festival + 2-for-1 Tickets

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Sea Moss Care
Sea moss enters the personal care industry in the form of cosmetics and supplements
Trend - Sea moss is becoming the newest “natural” trend in the personal care space, with everything from skincare products to supplements incorporating the ingredient for its soothing...
Augmented B2B
As AR technology underperforms in the consumer space, it finds a home in B2B
Trend - AR/VR/MR consumer products are still fairly niched among consumers; however, these technologies increase in popularity in the B2B space. This is seen in employee onboarding, cross-company...
Anti-Bias AI
Artificial Intelligence technology integrates neutrality features across industries
Trend - Discussions around the potential bias of AI technology and AIa catalyst for neutrality across industries such as recruitment and journalism have those in the tech space reinspecting how best...
Plant-Based Charcuterie
Vegan charcuterie boards become more popular
Trend - Brands are increasingly offering individual cheese and meat products, or entire collections, designed for charcuterie boards that are completely plant-based—catering to people with...
Cryo Cream
Topical skincare products aim to mimic the effects of cryotherapy
Trend - Cryotherapy is used as both a medical and beauty treatment, and brands in the skincare space are now using the cold therapy as inspiration for topical skincare, like masks and creams, that...
Top This Week
Lux Pet-Friendly Furniture
The Conceptual 'Rise' Furniture is Stylishly Functional
Futuristic Electric Scooter Designs
The Alexander Yamaev Design is Interesting Yet Practical
Single-Tiered Tiny Homes
This Elegant Tiny House Packs Plenty of Room On a Single Level
Prefab Geometric Cabins
The 'Wander 2.0' Tiny House is a Premium Glamping Structure
Pizza Brand Streetwear
Pizza Hut Tastewear is a Limited-Edition Capsule Collection
Greek Modernist Oases
Modernism Meets Tradition in Kalesma Mykonos
Modern Sleek Air Conditioners
The Windmill Smart Window Air Conditioner is Discreet and Modern
Retro Electric Motorcycles
Omega Motors Revives Retro Motorcycle with Electric-Powered Design
Eco-Friendly Urban Vehicles
'Dynamic Cargo' and 'Clever Commute' are the Latest BMW Scooter Models
Pop Culture
10 Celebrity Beauty Products
From Olive Oil Beauty Brands to Celebrity-Backed Floral Fragrances
10 Sci-Fi Gadget Designs
From Sci-Fi-Inspired Hard Drives to Game-Inspired Character Clocks
11 Virtual Sneaker Innovations
From Collectible Virtual Sneakers to Limited Digital Sneakers
43 Inventive AR Phone Apps
From Gen Z Voter Campaigns to AR Bridal Gowns
Art & Design
10 Custom Jewelry Options
From Made-to-Order Wedding Rings to DNA-Infused Jewelry
11 NFT Innovations
From Collectible Digital Pizzas to Virtual Gaming Jackets
20 Digital Fashion Innovations
From AR Puffer Jackets to Virtual Costume Exhibits
17 Genderless Fashion Lines
From Gender Neutral Sustainable Fashion to Unisex Carbon-Neutral Boots
Social Good
10 Charitable Business Endevors
From COVID-19 Release Funds to Grassroots Organizations
10 Inclusive Pride Campaigns
From Pride Eyewear Collections to Empowering Pride Sneakers
Supporting Kids with Special Needs
Billy Samuel Mwape Considers the Value of Project Management
Eliminating Microaggressions
Tiffany Alvoid Discusses The Next Level of Inclusion
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