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2022 Trend Report Webinar: The Roaring 20s are Coming Back!
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The renaissance period emerged from the bubonic plague. The roaring 20s were a product of the Spanish Flu. Consistently, throughout history, periods of crisis lead to periods of chaos and opportunity because people start making up for lost time, taking risks, trying new things. For you, this means that you could turn 2022 and beyond into the greatest career opportunity of your lifetime.

Chaos creates opportunity. This is what I write about, speak about, and work on with hundreds of CEOs, and I assure you, now is the time to start getting excited -- and prepared.

Join me and Armida Ascano, our Chief Content Officer, for a free webinar on our upcoming 2022 Trend Report: The Roaring 20s are Coming Back. You can also grab a free virtual ticket to our September Future Festival World Summit, which will feature all new content for the upcoming year:

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Sustainable Supplement
Vitamin and supplement brands prioritize sustainability in their products
Trend - Even the wellness industry isn’t immune from negatively impacting the environment, and some supplement brands in this space are aiming to counter the industry’s environmental...
Algae Footwear
Algae-made or infused footwear offers a sustainable alternative
Trend - Emerging footwear brands are aiming to be more sustainable with algae-based or infused footwear. This material’s renewable nature allows for brands to promote their eco-friendly values....
B2B Waste
B2B waste-reduction platforms, initiatives and collaborations are on the rise
Trend - As brands look to become more environmentally friendly, they’re increasingly turning to businesses that specialize in waste-reduction. Everything from food waste to textile waste is...
AI Delivery
Artificial intelligence is used to make delivery processes more efficient
Trend - AI-enhanced delivery systems are on the rise as businesses look for tech to make operations cheaper and more efficient. Robotic delivery systems and AI-operated fulfillment centers all work...
Wine Shops
Restaurants convert to bottle shops in the wake of COVID-19
Trend - Restaurants across Toronto have been closed for nearly a year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To survive the economic turmoil, many have shifted into curated wine shops offering unique...
Top This Week
Lux Pet-Friendly Furniture
The Conceptual 'Rise' Furniture is Stylishly Functional
Single-Tiered Tiny Homes
This Elegant Tiny House Packs Plenty of Room On a Single Level
Futuristic Electric Scooter Designs
The Alexander Yamaev Design is Interesting Yet Practical
Pizza Brand Streetwear
Pizza Hut Tastewear is a Limited-Edition Capsule Collection
Prefab Geometric Cabins
The 'Wander 2.0' Tiny House is a Premium Glamping Structure
Greek Modernist Oases
Modernism Meets Tradition in Kalesma Mykonos
Futuristic Mobile Health Modules
The Tesla Module Rescue is Designed for Disaster Relief
Modern Sleek Air Conditioners
The Windmill Smart Window Air Conditioner is Discreet and Modern
Retro Electric Motorcycles
Omega Motors Revives Retro Motorcycle with Electric-Powered Design
Pop Culture
20 Unusual Ice Cream Flavors
From Condiment-Inspired Ice Creams to Vegan Olive Oil Ice Creams
10 Sci-Fi Gadget Designs
From Sci-Fi-Inspired Hard Drives to Game-Inspired Character Clocks
25 Barista-Quality Coffee Machines
From Manual Espresso Presses to Cafe-Style Coffee Machines
43 Inventive AR Phone Apps
From Gen Z Voter Campaigns to AR Bridal Gowns
Art & Design
10 Custom Jewelry Options
From Made-to-Order Wedding Rings to DNA-Infused Jewelry
10 Stylish Loungewear Products
From Tea-Inspired Loungewear to Artwork-Detailed Cozy Loungewear
10 Eco-Friendly Architectural Designs
From 3D-Printing to Recycled Plastic Materials
20 Digital Fashion Innovations
From AR Puffer Jackets to Virtual Costume Exhibits
Social Good
17 Genderless Fashion Lines
From Gender Neutral Sustainable Fashion to Unisex Carbon-Neutral Boots
10 Charitable Business Endevors
From COVID-19 Release Funds to Grassroots Organizations
How Drawing Can Set You Free
Artist Shantell Martin
Addressing Noise Pollution
Mathias Basner's Talk on Noise is Set on the Level of the Individual
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