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Chicago - May 16
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Toronto - Sept 27-29 - 2-for-1 Special

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Sustainable Interior
Auto brands use sustainable materials in their car interiors
Trend - The automotive industry has been prioritizing sustainability with electric vehicles in recent years, and they’re now taking this a step further with car interiors that feature eco-...
Mixed Meditation
Brands curate mixed media meditation experiences for customers
Trend - Whether in-person or done at home, meditation is being enhanced by brands that are using mixed reality to create multisensory—yet still soothing—experiences for customers. These...
Accessible Transport
Both public and private modes of transportation prioritize accessibility
Trend - Transportation is often challenging for people who have disabilities, and brands are now conceptualizing ways that different forms of transportation can be more inclusive for them. Examples...
Cannabis Immunity
Cannabis-featuring products claim to boost users' immune systems
Trend - Cannabis brands are releasing products that they claim help boost consumers’ immune system health, with everything from gummy based supplements to sparkling waters that feature...
Sustainable Mattress
More mattress brands prioritize eco-friendly production
Trend - Mattress brands are starting to prioritize sustainability alongside other industries, with brands in this space now offering everything from mattresses made from upcycled ocean plastic to...
Top This Week
Versatile Pop-Up Camping Trailers
The Easy Caravanning 'TakeOff' Trailer Sets Up in 30-Seconds
Colorful Weighted Razors
hanni Launched a New Color for its Revolutionary Razors, Dubbed Flame
Tech-Packed Full-Sized SUVs
The 2023 Toyota Sequoia SUV Features New Styling and More
Minimalist Storage-Friendly Desks
The Bold Desk Concept Boasts a Familiar and Calming Design
Ultra-Opulent Razor-Like Yachts
The Unique 71 Superyacht by SkyStyle Design Has a Razor-Sharp Bow
Organic Zero-Sugar Energy Drinks
'Machu Picchu Energy' Has Debuted Its First Drink Collection
Remote Community Infant Scales
The Conceptual ROOTS Solar Scale Supports Critical Infant Health
Artistic Stress Toys
Galison Released Two Andy Warhol Stress Reliever Toys Inspired by His Works
Powered Breathability Face Masks
The Schatzii TX3 Sports Performance Face Mask is Ergonomic
Pop Culture
24 Unique Festive Treats
From Oat-Based Holiday Beverages to Holiday Cookie Collections
10 Versatile Jumpsuit Designs
From Protective Travel Jumpsuits to Sustainable Celebrity Jumpsuits
10 VR-Enhancing Accessories
From Tactile Feedback VR Gloves to Professional VR Pens
20 NFT Fashion Innovations
From NFT Fashion Magazines to AR Puffer Jackets
Art & Design
10 Convenient Home Services
From Discard Collection Services to Mess-Proof Play Services
10 Backyard Furniture Designs
From Quick-Drying Sets to Teak Outdoor Furniture
32 Entertaining Board Games
From Video Game-Inspired Board Games to Musician-Themed Board Games
10 Powerful Night Serums
From Melatonin-Infused Solid Serums to Restful Nighttime Serums
Social Good
10 Chartiable Home Products
From Charitable Candle Collections to Crumpet-Shaped Slippers
Personal Care Recycling Programs
Tom's of Maine and Hello Teamed up to Motivate Consumer Recycling
Coping With Creative Writing
Sakinah Hofler Explores Writing as a Way to Get Through Tough Times
How to Make Innovation Happen
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's Best Speech
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