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I am THRILLED to announce we have 5 FREE themed Future Festivals coming up in March. You can get the details and reserve your spot HERE.

- FF International - March 2-3 (Euro Time)
- FF CPG & Food - March 24-25
- FF Retail & Marketing - March 17-18
- FF Media & Entertainment - March 21-22
- World Summit 2021 - September 21-23

- Get a CPG / Food Trend Report + Walkthrough
- Q&A With Kareth Middlemass, CPG Food & Beverage Innovation Executive
- (Formerly at Nestle, Loblaw Groceries, Cavendish Farms, Pfizer and Unilever)
Registration HERE

Last, for some context, each of our new festivals will be paired with some leadup webinars, category trend reports, and some new products including a 5 Year Long Term Trend and Strategy Report, which is something available now if you are interested.

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Scanned Convenience
Scanning devices are improving consumer lifestyles by taking out the guesswork
Trend - Tech brands are launching scanning devices for the home, allowing consumers to complete chores in an efficient and informed manner. Deployed either as hand-held devices or as a built-in...
Lung Training
Tech brands are developing products to help consumers improve their lung capacity
Trend - Deployed as solutions both for athletes and everyday consumers, companies are developing compact and portable smart devices that can assist individuals in training their breathing to improve...
Nature Novice
Adventure tourism brands offer slower-paced novice trips for a new wave of travelers
Trend - When vacationing during COVID-19, North Americans are opting for trips that focus on the outdoors. Many of these consumers aren’t experienced with outdoor activities like hiking,...
Hot Ideas
Ultra-Modern A-Frame Cabins
The Lima Cabin Offers Ample Open-Concept Living Space
Ethically Sourced Diamond Jewelry
Lab-Grown Diamond Studs Make for the Perfect Gift
Vaccine Development Announcements
Moderna Announced Three New Potential mRNA Vaccines
Compact Modern Cooking Solutions
Ordine is Ideal for Those Who Live in Smaller Urban Apartments
High-Dose THC Gummies
Kanha Belts are Low-Sugar Gummies with 50mg of THC
Multi-Use Shipping Packages
The Latest LivingPackets 'The Box' was at CES 2021
Smart Perfume Devices
Launched at CES 2021, Ninu is an On-Demand Dispenser and AI-Powered App
Modern Balinese Cabin Designs
The Conceptual 'Eibche' Cabins Have a Minimal Yet Comfortable Design
Ethereal Spring Jackets
Fashion Designer Angel Chen Partners with Canada Goose on New Collection
Featured Top Lists
11 Clear Face Mask Designs
From Smile-Showing Face Masks to Stick-On Face Masks
20 Canned Wine Products
From Crisp Wine Spritzers to Millennial-Targeted Wine Cans
15 Interactive Packaging Innovations
From AR Soda Cans to NFC Wine Packaging
12 Thanksgiving Innovations
From Thanksgiving-Themed Nuggets to Plant-Based Holiday Roasts
Pop Culture
10 Unusually Scented Candles
From Scented Tomato Candles to Jockstrap-Scented Candles
Movie Star-Honoring Streetwear
BAPE Honors the Marilyn Monroe Estate in the Latest Collection
15 Highly Anticipated Video Game Launches
From Hyperreal Hitman Games to Revived Mob Games
20 Air Quality Innovations
From Portable Air Purifiers to Kitchen-Sanitizing Range Hoods
Art & Design
18 Glass Design Innovations
From Multifunctional Glass Sculptures to Vibrant Glass Lighting
16 Closet Design Innovations
From In-Closet Lighting Strips to Trouser-Organizing Accessories
10 Hand Sanitizing Innovations
From Hand Sanitizer Bracelets to Silk-Based Gel Sanitizers
10 Sustainable Jewelry Brands
From Dainty Recycled Gold Jewelry to Carbon Neutral Jewelry
10 Pre-Owned Luxury Good Platforms
From Sneaker Resale Marketplace to Circular Fashion Partnership
Striped Streetstyle Collabs
Hudson's Bay is Celebrating Its 350th Anniversary with Moschino
20 Innovative Handcare Solutions
From Winter Rescue Gift Sets to Shea Butter Hand Creams
12 Hair Mask Innovations
From Activated Charcoal Hair Masks to Personalized Hair Masks
Social Good
10 Virtual Cooking Experiences
From Free Children Cooking Series to Virtual Cooking Camps
10 Ugly Sweater-Themed Products
From Sweater-Inspired Shoes to Snack-Branded Ugly Sweaters
The Impact of Art on the Homeless Community
Malika Whitley's Talk on Art Highlights Its Importance
Decentralized Internet Systems
Tamas Kocsis' Talk on the Alternative Web Boasts Viable Options
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