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Whoops. the content in the email that just came out was a clone of last week. I've updated everything below. Lots of fresh new trends, and note that the webinar is actually TOMORROW. :)

If your role involves customer experience, retail or thinking deeply about the end-consumer's interaction with your product or brand, then join us and get your questions into the Q&A once we start. Everything will relate to our framework on Crisis, Chaos and Recharting, which basically means we will be separating out NOW from next year, and chatting about what happens to your consumer NEXT. Register HERE.
TOMORROW: Webinar on the Future of Customer Experience

Jeremy Gutsche
CEO, Author & Keynote Speaker - JeremyGutsche.com
Consumer Insights
Restaurant Subscription
Dining establishments are launching membership services during COVID-19
Trend - Restaurants, bars, and speakeasy-style establishments are debuting annual and monthly subscriptions that will give consumers access to Chef-curated meals, special events, entertainment,...
All-Natural Nootropics
Brands are optimizing nootropic drinks with free-from formulas & packaging
Trend - Brands are looking to cater to wellness-minded consumers with new, free-from, and plant-based nootropic beverages. Besides the absence of sugar, caffeine, and synthetics, companies are...
Space Connectivity
Big tech companies are expanding ventures with various interstellar projects
Trend - Tech companies are working in collaboration with organizations and researchers to develop projects, tailored to space and the future of technology. With options like access to cellular...
Conference Tech
Video and phone conferencing from home is requiring specialty tech
Trend - Products and services that create productive work from home environments are increasingly in demand, and brands in this space are putting a special focus on conference technology that helps...
Gamified Therapy
Therapy-based games help children, adults and caregivers through various issues
Trend - The use of games for various therapeutic purpose is on the rise, particularly within family units. Everything from gamified therapy for kids with autism to games for people with dementia and...
Top This Week
Women Empowerment Collections
Posh Peanut is Supporting Girls Ahead of International Women's Day
Conceptual Eco-Conscious Motorcycles
The BMW D-05T Creates an Emotional Connection with Riders
Pocket-Friendly Portable Drink Cups
The 'HUNU+' Collapsible Drink Cup Comes in Two Size Options
Carbon Fiber-Infused Camping Vehicles
The Darc Mono Off-Road Camper Truck is Feature-Rich
Multilevel Indoor Gardening Systems
The Conceptual 'GreenVita' Indoor Planter is Self-Sufficient
Adjustable Silicone Water Bottles
The Que Collapsible Water Bottle Compacts Down When Not in Use
Writing Utensil-Inspired Mouses
This Ergonomic Mouse Concept by Foxtail Gihawoo is Comfort-Focused
Automotive Camping Kitchens
The ARB Slide Kitchen Keeps Components Inside an SUV or Truck
Yoga-Enhancing Tone Weights
B Yoga is Helping Consumers Add Resistance to Their Workout
Pop Culture
10 Unusually Scented Candles
From Scented Tomato Candles to Jockstrap-Scented Candles
Inauguration-Themed Crochet Dolls
Tobey Time Crochet Created an Adorable Bernie Sanders Doll
10 Hand Sanitizing Innovations
From Hand Sanitizer Bracelets to Silk-Based Gel Sanitizers
10 At-Home Workout Apps
From Videocall Fitness Apps to Discounted Home Workout Apps
Art & Design
15 Seasonal Home Products
From Elegant Pumpkin Cookware to Heated Coffee Table Designs
10 Personalized Packaging Designs
From Appreciative Jar Packaging to Premium Organic Tomato Sauces
20 Indoor Garden Accessories
From Vertical Windowsill Gardens to Self-Sufficient Micro Gardens
100 Eco Innovations for November
From Tree-Hugging Beer Ads to Recycled Denim Capsule Collections
Social Good
10 Virtual Cooking Experiences
From Free Children Cooking Series to Virtual Cooking Camps
12 Thanksgiving Innovations
From Thanksgiving-Themed Nuggets to Plant-Based Holiday Roasts
The Future of Innovation
Innovation Tactics Keynote Speaker Jonathon Brown on Idea Adoption Paths
The Disparity Between East/West
Stephen Deberry's Talk on Marginalized Communities is Enlightening
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