Vampiretography, Gothic Dolls and Dracula Fashion

 - Mar 14, 2009
References: trendhunter
Vampire Photography, Bloody Photoshoots and Dracula Fashion.  Today we hunt Vampire Couture

10. Bring out your inner victim with Vampirewear.  Blood-inspired jewelry, perfect for goths, valentines day and hardcore Twilight fans.

9. Paranoia Dolls are Gothic porcelain dolls featuring tattoos, cigarettes and a whole lot of blood.  Probably not for kids, unless you hate them.

8. Rhona Mitra got haunted in a vampire-themed fashion shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Mitra plays a blood sucker in her "Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans," but here, she plays the victim.

7. This photoshoot by Olivier is anything but pale. The vampiretographer, featured fangs, bloody hands, and lips dripping with blood.

6. Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf featured pale white models with demonic eyes in various death scenarios for his ‘Royal Blood’ series. Everything vampire is in vogue, and that includes photography.

5. In this heart-stopping Vogue Paris photoshoot, Lara Stone poses with Travis Hanson, Doug Porter, some guns and a lot of agression.

4. This campaign for Off uses the tagline "Leave no blood for mosquitoes," delivering the message through photos of pale models.

3. From bloody tears to bleeding knuckles, these photos prove blood is the new black. And to bump up the yikes-factor, John Galliano’s bloody torture couture shows this trend applies even for the guys.

2. Fake your own vampire look by copying makeup for the Spring 2009 runways: pale skin, dark eyes and blood red lips will make you look drop dead gorgeous.

1. Velcome to next season’s fashion. The Dracula couture at Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2009 menswear show proves the fashion world is still hungry for the vampire look—you can count on it !

VIDEO OF THE DAY: ‘Twilight’-Themed Music Video (at about 2:15)