Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band 2, Rockstar Supermodels, and Badass Babies

 - Dec 5, 2008
References: trendhunter
Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band 2 OR Guitarist Satriani accusing Coldplay of plagiarism. Which of those stories is more interesting?  The news headline of the day is all about Satriani and Coldplay, but compared to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the news is boring.

Why? Because we live in a culture that has become obsessed with rock culture.  It’s no longer unusual to see a dude browsing Best Buy with an AC/DC shirt, skinny girl jeans and rocker hair. The only unusual thing is that the guy can’t play a real instrument.

This episode of Trend Hunter TV, we explore Faux Rockstar: the impact of games like Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band 2 on pop culture. From badass baby attire to supermodel rockstars, you’ll see that Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band 2 are influencing every demographic.

Rock On.