This Zoe McConnell Photography Features Frisky Lounging Ladies

Zoe McConnell lenses a series of not-so-bashful babes. These girls are forward, loud and ready to be heard. The gumption and spunk of each photograph reels in the viewer and fuels a rambunctious energy. The addictive youthful feeling inspires femininity and a young, wild and free lifestyle. McConnell's compositional style is movement-focused and party-flavored. McConnell has worked with a variety of celebrities such as Taylor Momsen.

Zoe McConnell is a London-based photographer. As a former model, her experience in front of the lens shines through her work behind it. McConnell focuses on portraits and character studies, portraying depth of emotion with complexity and skill. Her use of color and harsh lighting is vibrant and memorable. McConnell's work has been featured in Maxim, Front and FHM.