The X.Pose Corset Has the Ability to Connect to Your Smartphone

 - Jun 13, 2014
References: & engadget
As the fashion industry moves more and more towards smartphone-integrated garments and 3D-printed materials, a corset like the X.Pose was bound to be created sooner or later. The X.Pose corset creatively has the ability to reduce in transparency the more the wear spends time on the Internet.

While corsets were once designed to help women shrink their torsos by squeezing them into a restraining piece of fabric, modern-day designers like Pedro Oliveria and Xuedi Chen hope to change this aesthetic with products such as X.Pose. This corset is made with geometric 3D-printed material and comes integrated with smartphone technology. The more the wearer surfs the Internet and uses up data, the more the X.Pose corset's geometric shapes will begin to fade in color.