The Xocolatti Store by De-Spec is Dynamically Designed

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: de-spec & frameweb
The Xocolatti store by De-Spec showcases the luxury chocolatier's chic products. Located in New York's SoHO district, this trendy candy shop challenges traditional design ideals.

Inspired by a previous De-Spec design studio’s jewellery retail space, the chocolate maker aims to present their brand in a sleek way. Believing that their products are synonymous with fine jewelry, the company created a bold space that is visually intriguing and functional.

Designed by De-Spec's Farnaz Mansuri, this stunning space exudes opulence and luxury. Carefully conceived and dynamically desinged, this compact space resembles an intricately wired circuit board. The New York City Xocolatti store by De-Spec design studio is a compact space that showcases the luxe brands sweet chocolate dipped gems.