Bad Axe Throwing is Hosting the World Axe Throwing League Championship

What began as the sport of lumberjacks and woodsmen has quickly become a popular pastime for people from all walks of life. With its renewed popularity, axe throwing has gone from a niche backyard hobby to a fully recognized competitive sport that is just as thrilling to watch as it is to play.

In order to bring axe throwing enthusiasts together, Bad Axe Throwing -- the world's biggest urban axe throwing club -- will be hosting the first ever World Axe Throwing League Championship. This global competition will bring together members of The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) from Canada, the US, Ireland, and Brazil, to find the ultimate axe throwing champ.

The competition will begin on October 9th and 10th at urban axe throwing clubs across all four countries. At each of the participating locations, members will compete against their fellow axe throwers to come out as the champion of their individual league. From the more than 1,000 participants expected to compete, those with a sharpest skills will move on to the regional finals set to take place in November and early December. It is during these nail-biting final competitions that one WATL member will be crowned the World Axe Throwing League Champion. The title not only comes with the coolest possible bragging rights, but the winner will also walk away with a $3,500 grand prize.

For those interested in putting their skills to the test, Bad Axe Throwing is calling for participants to sign up for the weekly urban axe throwing leagues running at its 15 locations across Canada and the US. Joining costs just $15 a week and no experience is required.

As the first and largest global axe throwing championship in history, the World Axe Throwing League Championship is the ultimate opportunity to sharpen your skills and see how you stack up against the competition.

This post is sponsored by Bad Axe Throwing.