The Wonderland Magazine Chanel Iman Pictorial Flashes Tom Ford Fashion

Usually dark and gloomy nighttime shoots don't make for distracting visuals but with a bright and beautiful scene stealer the Wonderland Magazine Chanel Iman pictorial stands out.

Alexi Lubomirski lensed the Victoria's Secret model showing off the newest Tom Ford fashions in a mix of blurred blips and perfectly posed portraits. Iman took to the town in sheer stockings, silky slips and feathery cover-ups while getting caught in strikingly stark seductress captures. In the downtown photos she bares a little grin and a lot of leg but some of the other stills censor-worthy scenes.

The Wonderland Magazine Chanel Iman shoot still comes off as an elegant evening editorial and harnesses a dominating vibe to prove to the bold clothes just who's boss.