Wine Cellar Kitchen Cool

 - May 12, 2011
References: mad4red
If Bruce Wayne had a wine cellar it would probably be bigger and more expensive but in terms of ease and accessibility this wine cellar is probably the coolest. Set discretely within the underground of your average kitchen and accessed via a sturdy glass door built into the floor, this wine cellar is accessed via a spiral staircase leading to cinder block selves where wines are stored lengthwise to preserve their flavor.

Cool air comes into the cellar through a pipe at the ceiling level, pushing the warm air downwards and out through another pipe situated at the bottom of the central spine. This then feeds up through the center of the stairs and outside, where the pipe is fed to 1.5m above ground level.

This system helps prevent the air in the cellar from becoming stale, and, since it is always the same level as the natural ground temperature, it's generally at an optimum cellar temperature of between 8-15 degrees Celsius.