Whittaker Ghana Chocolate Ad Uses Race & Sex to Sell Sweets

 - Jul 9, 2010   Updated: Jun 23 2011
References: adweek.blogs & copyranter.blogspot
This commercial for Whittaker Ghana Chocolate shows how sweet life can be when we mix the right things together. The racy ad centers on an interracial couple who take a dip into pools of chocolate and mint and emerge looking like their counterpart.

The Whittaker Ghana Chocolate commercial may be seen as controversial by some because of its innuendo and racial implications. Others will probably just get really hungry.

Implications - Although consumers have become more cognizant of the tropes of advertising, the power of sex is a compelling one when it comes to selling products. Companies looking to form a deeper connection should consider how they can create intelligent ways to implement their campaigns with sexuality. One excellent example is the Pamela Anderson ad for PETA.