Stay Active AND Pretend You're Skateboarding

 - Jun 11, 2007
References: thewebble & yankodesign
If you're desperately missing your skateboard AND you want to rest your feet, then the Webble Active Foot rest is for you. The design helps keep you active during those motionless times spent at your office. The Webble site describes, "When we think about wellness and the webbleâ„¢, we are encouraged by the decades of research that unambiguously points to the physiological benefits of increased leg activity while seated. That said, for us wellness in the workplace means a lot more. it means connecting with the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of well-being. After all, the workplace is where so many of us increasingly spend the vast majority of our waking hours. And it is this simple fact - for better or for worse - that has fueled us to create the webbleâ„¢,the first of a new genre of workplace wellness products designed to shine new light on your office experience."

If you're interested in the concept, you'll have two different versions to choose from, Webble and Webble Air. The latter offers a mesh surface while the regular Webble will be more like a surfboard.

Webble was designed by three product designers at BriteObjects, a Silicon Valley design firm focused on improving the office experience.