Vonage Is Coming Apart At The Seams

 - Apr 12, 2007
References: newsfactor
The head of Vonage - Mike Snyder - has resigned citing his reasons to be their long-standing battle with Verizon, over patent rights. It is forcing them to scale back their operations to the tune of $110 million. Scale back their operations? That's like saying to your barber you just want "a little off the top". Who is Vonage kidding? They need a total buzz-cut to stop the damage from this one. The captain has bailed-out of this sinking ship and the demise of Vonage and other such companies is no surprise and was predicted like forever ago, seeing as how the ability to use your Internet for long-distance calls was a totally hair-brained idea in the first place. Why pay for extra equipment and a montly fee to get "free long distance" with poor quality? I guess you have to be a Vonage customer to understand it.