The 'Wild Cat' Shoot for Vogue Australia June 2013 is Fierce

The Vogue Australia June 2013 editorial called 'Wild Cats' is all about showcasing the fierceness and power that animals in the wild can encompass.

This visually bold editorial features model Candice Swanepoel transforming into the role of lioness, a wild and ferocious predator that roams the land constantly showcasing its immense strength and power. The theme of wild cats serves to make this photo shoot very intriguing, and serves to demonstrate the idea of female empowerment. Swanepoel is outfitted in a variety of tightly fitted leather ensembles, sharp feline-like makeup and knee-high boots, creating a tough and dominating physical appearance.

Anyone looking to infuse some wild animalistic features into their wardrobe will definitely want to check out this Vogue Australia June 2013 shoot, the wild cat references make it something truly mesmerizing to look at.