The 'Vitez' Washing Machine Uses 30% Less Water to Clean

 - Nov 30, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'Vitez' washing machine has been conceptually designed by Aditya Patil to effectively wash clothing, save space and conserve water to ensure that the average consumer doesn't have to utilize existing options that could be more wasteful.

The top load washing machine uses 30% less water and a much small amount of floor space without compromising in terms of load capacity. This means that you can wash the same amount of clothing in a far smaller appliance without having to feel restricted.

The 'Vitez' washing machine utilizes 'Jetwash' technology that blasts water and soap upward through garments to prevent them from requiring extensive rinsing to get dirt and detergent out. The 'Aqua Groove Pulsator' functionality consistently keeps water moving to optimize cleaning capabilities.