Fox News Fully Exposes Visanthe Shiancoe in Locker Room

 - Dec 9, 2008
References: startribune & deadspin
NFL player Visanthe Shiancoe was fully exposed in locker room footage accidentally aired by Fox Sports. In the past, this wouldn’t have been an issue; it would have been an embarrassingly few seconds for fox and Shiancoe, but then it would have been over.

With the internet, however, the footage will be relived forever. Ordinarily, the traditionally media would never re-report it, however, they are bringing it up again, but they coverage is about the ways in which the new media has covered the accidental Visanthe Shiancoe penis footage.

"Fox has apologized for a camera crew taping Vikings owner Zygi Wilf’s post Detroit victory ball ceremony, inadvertently catching a glimpse of Shiancoe adjusting his towel and momentarily revealing more of the tight end’s anatomy than expected," The Star Tribune reported.

Websites who posted the screenshots from YouTube were sent messages such as this one, posted by DeadSpin:

"The NFL owns the copyright to all NFL game footage, including the postgame. You need to take down the photos from the Vikings locker room."

It’s certain these pictures are still online, and only a matter of time before they resurface. Increasingly, the traditional ‘professional’ media is losing its power of influence, and the Visanthe Shiancoe is a prime example.