Virtual World Marketing

 - Sep 24, 2006
References: research-live & coolbusinessideas
Virtual World Marketing may be the next big thing. In Research Magazine there is an article about how Mario Menti, a solutions architect, is developing experiments and methodology to perform market research and surveying residents of the virtual world. Already, there are several different stores that have their presence in Second Life. No doubt this will continue. Look at the enclosed photo and picture a big ass billboard of your favourite brand.

From Research Magazine:
At the end of a hard day's graft, hundreds of thousands of people now choose to escape reality to spend time in Second Life â€" a 3D virtual world. However, one man has figured out a way to take his work with him.

Mario Menti, a solutions architect at MR software and services supplier GMI, is experimenting with ways of surveying the 282,000 active residents of this online world.