This Giant Vending Machine has Become a New Local Shop

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: villagevending & foodbeast
A small community in Derbyshire, England now has a village vending machine, as the town has been without a local shop for about 14 years, with residents travelling to the nearest town to get all their necessities. There is no grocery store or convenience store, let alone any kind of local shop for people to purchase products.

The community electrical engineer Peter Fox found the perfect solution to the towns shopping needs. Since the village shop was closed, the idea of a vending machine was a perfect fit. Fox could not get enough interest to have a firm aid in the development, so he had to build the machine himself.

After three years of developing the vending machine, Fox was finally able to debut it last week. The giant village vending machine can now help out with making small purchases in the local community.