Viktorija Pashuta Translates Internet Browser Icons into Fashion

Viktorija Pashuta recently uploaded the 'What if Girls were Internet Browsers' fashion editorial on her blog. The shoot features fashion interpretations of Explorer, Firefox, Opeta, Chrome and Safari. She took inspiration from the logos to recreate modern ensembles.

Each browser also has its own personality. Viktorija Pashuta's friend remarked, "Internet Explorer is all flashy, Firefox is sexy, Opeta is elegant, Chrome is utilitarian and Safari--trendy/hip." Beyond the color choices, Pashuta also used props, hair, poses, clothes, accessories and shoes to bring across the browser's icon identity. For example, Explorer wears a yellow sash and stands confidently with one hand on her hip, where as Opeta has a 'O'-shaped ring hair style and stands demurely.