Versailles Sofa Merges Magnificent Architectural Details with Furniture

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: bocadolobo & designspotter
With bold and basic furnishings as some of the most popular at the moment, pieces like the Versailles Sofa are really set apart from the majority of designs on the market. We nearly have the opposite look in the limited edition Boca do Lobo couch that flaunts an extravagant sculptural resin as its back and side panels.

Marco Costa worked to imitate the sumptuous marble carvings of the renaissance period, harkening to the resplendent era of Louis XIV and his grand palace near Paris, France. It looks as though the friezes of the Sun King's spectacular halls were cast and reproduced to decorate the antiquey three-seater chesterfield. To complement the detail of the exterior, the Versailles Sofa is upholstered in a rich velvety royal blue.