Veronika Marquez Turns NYC into a Backdrop

 - Apr 10, 2014
References: veronikamarquez & mymodernmet
Artist Veronika Marquez uses body language as a mode of expression for her self-portraiture. Besides the camera, her body is her instrument as she performs a slow waltz throughout each photograph. Who's her dance partner, you ask? Why, the beautiful metropolis of NYC, of course. Indeed, Marquez whole-heartedly engages with her surroundings, building a non-verbal repartee with the urban landscape.

Her powerful use of movement imbue the series with a remarkable grace. However, this elegance has been achieved through an on-going bodily evolution. Marquez explains, "As a photographer that specializes in self-portraits, my relationship to my body has changed over time. I now look at myself with the awareness of being seen, exploring the 'I' that is both fiction and non-fiction."

The end result is a particularly beautiful and emotionally expressive series.