The Venn Diagrams by Stephen Wildish Should Be Taught in School

Venn Diagrams by Stephen Wildish is series of charts that intelligently overlap concepts. Their simple design and clear lettering make them easy to understand while still remaining devilishly witty.

The more basic of the venn diagrams only use two circles. Titled 'Bears,' this chart combines two circles named 'Black' and 'Polar' to create 'Panada.' All the other diagrams include three circles which surprisingly adds quite a bit of complexity to the design. In one graph, the three circles have been named 'Great Power Great Responsibility,' 'Wears Red Suit' and 'Knows If You Have Been Naughty or Nice.' When a red suit is combined with great power and great responsibility, the end result. When one combines all three elements, the final concoction is 'Santa.'

Venn Diagrams by Stephen Wildish was created with a bit of humor and a lot of wicked smarts.