Vasquez Sounds is as Talented as They are Young

 - Nov 16, 2011
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With the firm intention to make their own talent known, the three sons of Mexicali, Baja California, recorded this year's feel-good anthem Rolling in the Deep under the name Vasquez Sounds.

Vasquez Sounds consists of the children of the known producer Abelardo Vázquez, who did grow groups like Reik and Nikki Clan. "It is a musical project in the form, it was an event which has now become a reality," said Vazquez, father of the children, in a telephone interview.

Ten year old Angie Vásquez is the vocalist of this project, while her brother Gustavo Vázquez, 13, plays drums and Abelardo Vázquez, 15, plays the guitar. With close to 10,000 visits in less than a day, these young talents have a clear vision of success in the music scene.