The V Spain #12 Monrose Photoshoot is Floral-Focused

The V Spain #12 Melodie Monrose editorial features a colorful assortment of plastic floral arrangements. The Martinique-born model has here brandished a new breed of summertime allure, clad in creamy pastel eye shadows and a slick up 'do.

Monrose has been captured here by photographer Benjamin Lennox. Lennox has managed to make Monrose appear aesthetically pleasing despite her smudged eyeliner, carelessly strewn across her lids in an unruly manner. This electrifying choice of cosmetics corresponds well with the confusing assortment of blues, reds and pinks, all mixed together via leather and knitted pieces. And while the apparel displayed here is visionary, the most remarkable aspect of the editorial is the unusual selection of ornate faux flowers.