Un Cool Hunting

 - Feb 5, 2007
References: uncoolhunting.org
Trend Hunter is pleased to announce the launch of Un Cool Hunting (uncoolhunting.org), a digest of Bizarre Trends, Excess and Uncool discovered by our global network of trend hunters.

Un Cool Hunting features the following categories:

Un Cool Hunting - Cool Hunting is the search for what is going to be cool. The key is that once something becomes popular, it's luster is lost. Therefore, cool hunters look for what is NOT cool â€" yet. However, along the way, any cool hunter is bound to find a lot of stuff that is horribly uncool and extremely funny. Un Cool Hunting is a place to document that stuff.

Bizarre Trends - Face it, we love words like: bizarre, strange, obscure and shocking! Only the bizarre trends end up getting forwarded to your friends, so Un Cool Hunting is dedicated to those trends.

Excess - Stuff that is over the edge is always entertaining. Un Cool Hunting is all about sensory overload.