Artist Dmytro Didora Creates Abstract and Mystical Art

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: cargocollective & juxtapoz
As technologically enhanced artwork becomes mores popular, digital illustrators are being sought after for their works; Ukrainian artist Dymtro Didora is considered to at the the top of the class.

Ukrainian artist Dymtro Didora has his work described in many ways. His most recent collection is dubbed as "abtract mysticism" due to its theme of a blurred reality blened with elements of fantasy. Using a mixture of bright colors and imaginative settings, the digitally rendered images evoke feelings of a dream-like state. The structural designs within his artwork do not adhere to the physics of reality, making for a semi-abstract, fantastical theme.

The images in the collection are a great example of how digital illustration can penetrate the mainstream.