The UFO Cap

 - Sep 1, 2008
References: ufocap
Traditional umbrellas are far from perfect.  They tend to break in high winds, they require the use of one of your hands, and the metal framework makes them excellent portable lightning rods.  All the same, I don’t think the UFO Cap will be much of a threat to traditional umbrellas.

The UFO Cap is essentially a head-condom that flares at the shoulders to keep water away from the body.  While a hands-free umbrella might seem like a great idea, this device isn’t going to keep the water off your face (and makeup), and it’s not likely to be too friendly to your hairstyle, either.  And of course, there’s the possibility that strong winds will blow the wet umbrella into your face, blinding you to traffic and those around you.

All the same, it’s an interesting, innovative concept that may be useful in a limited number of situations where you absolutely must have the use of both hands.