Miley Cyrus Kisses Hannah Good Bye

 - Jul 22, 2008
References: mileycyrus & nydailynews
Miley Cyrus is ready to ditch her goody-goody Disney image on her new CD, Breakout, in a hope to make the public transition from tween to teen idol. The Breakout CD is under "Miley Cyrus" instead of the fictional "Hannah Montana" label she recorded under in 2006. Miley is also now being represented by Hollywood Records.

The "schizophrenic teen idol," as the NY Daily news called Miley Cyrus, is going through an awkward transition phase. First, she was admired by 9 year olds when she played a cheesy Disney character. Then the world criticized her for a faux nude photo shoot with her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, for Vanity Fair magazine.

That loss of identity is being seen in her music now.

"Hannah is a cheeky scamp who sings sneery little rockers in a blond wig," The NY Daily News explained. "Miley is a cheeky scamp who sings sneery little rockers while sporting her own auburn hair. The only difference detectable this time is that the old Miley/Hannah hybrid actually sounded slightly edgier than full-tilt Miley. Blurrier production, and added echo, numbs even more of the impact."


Miley recently hosted a contest for "Miley's #1 Fan" which was won by a 13 year old girl from Brooklyn, NY. Besides having seen every episode of Hannah Montana, she's been to two concerts and decided to start her own band.

Miley has also launched her own tween magazine online, complete with faux sparkling pink and purple, virtual membership cards.

What does this say about Miley's fans? Should she keep her tween idol image and cater to the dreams of little girls, or should she start posing for more risque spreads and join former child actress, Lindsay Lohan and start making entertainment for older audiences?

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