Trend Report 2013

 - Jan 7, 2013
References: theglobeandmail
Our Chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche joined the team over at The Globe and Mail to talk top retail trends of 2013 and how they play into the desires of the modern consumer. If 2012 was the year the world got comfortable in the information age, 2013 is the year companies truly take advantage of what the information age has to offer.


A great example of this is the concept of shoppertainment, which calls for companies to not only participate in conversations happening online, but turn them into tangible results and create the best consumer experience possible. This can be seen in the recent IKEA Sleepover campaign based on a Facebook group. The furniture company invited 100,000 people to sleep over in its stores, try out its beds and enjoy a spa night with movies and popcorn.

Another intriguing pattern expected for 2013 is the idea of upgraded ordinary, which Gustche calls, "simple things in life brought to a more unique level." Examples such as ketchup served in caulking guns add novelty to everyday life, adding artistic value to the mundane.

Finally, the concept of interactive vending is one that will gain popularity in 2013, as it combines novel function with a unique experience, while also serving the consumer's need for instant gratification. Some of the most interesting remixed vending machines we've seen include the Swap-o-Matic, a vending barter system, and the pay-per-Tweet vending machine that truly adds value to social media interaction.

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