Trend Hunter's President Shelby Walsh

 - Nov 17, 2014
References: theglobeandmail
Trend Hunter's President Shelby Walsh recently interviewed the stylish headdress entrepreneur and founder of (IWTHD), Sarah ShaBacon, for the Globe and Mail's Small Business section. Walsh asked ShaBacon about her love for turbans and how she maintains a strong identity and thriving niche business model in a corporately dominated market.

At the young age of 22, ShaBacon is a Vancouver native, mom and the successful owner of a start-up company specializing in creating unique and one-of-a-kind luxury turbans, headbands and hats. These chic vintage accessories are made from fun and feminine printed fabrics that are sewn entirely by hand into chic headbands. The exotic tribal prints and soft materials make these headdresses perfect for staying fashionably warm during the cooler months. ShaBacon tells Walsh that most people don't know that "...there are no seamstresses, photographers, web designers or packaging teams" at IWTHD. Instead, ShaBacon proudly works in all roles as the company's only employer.

Young B.C. designer shows off luxury headdresses


As winter approaches, Sarah ShaBacon’s turbans and headdresses are just what you need to stay warm. The 22-year-old founder of IWEARTHEHEADRESS (IWTHD) discusses the challenges and opportunities of running a one-woman show out of Vancouver, B.C.

What's your role at your company?

I’m the owner, designer, seamstress, photographer and marketer. Running a business on your own is a daunting task and it certainly has its ups and downs, however, I feel as though it is my main drive to develop my brand continuously because I am in charge of not only the creative process, but everything down to the details. Packaging, website design and product descriptions are all things I enjoy working on and I put just as much time and effort into each of these as I do sewing and designing a collection.

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