More Awesome and Visual. Boom.

 - Oct 21, 2009   Updated: Apr 1 2011
References: trendhunter
Our latest Trend Hunter redesign involves more awesomeness and a clean visual layout. It's also remarkably faster.

There are several goodies that you'll notice, especially on the front page: You can quickly preview trends before diving into them, and you can expand the front page continuously without reloading. What fun!

As always, let us know your feedback, and enjoy the quest for next big thing!

Implications - Internet browsers don't have a whole lot of patience for sites that are sluggish or poorly coded, so it's no surprise that organizations like Trend Hunter are constantly making sure that their product is fast, efficient and supercharged. In our age of lightning fast media, companies that expect their viewers to sit through infuriating loading times are bound to be left in the dust.