Robyn Currie, Rockstar Trend Hunter (INTERVIEW)

 - Nov 25, 2009
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In most cases if you tell someone, "BE FUNNY," they will look at you like you’ve made the world’s most impractical request. Robyn Currie, however, will turn on her funny switch and make you laugh. Accordingly, I am featuring her Trend Hunter journalism internship profile in her own witty words:


I had never even considered taking part in an internship before. Why? ‘Cause I thought they were for ladder-climbing, suit-wearing douches who just wanted to shake some hands and kiss some babies. But then I heard about the Trend Hunter internship and I knew that this was definitely an opportunity I had to pursue.

So I was offered a position, and then it struck me: I had no idea what the hell I was getting myself into. If you are that way as well, you may want to know what to expect. So here goes.

Wake up, go the office. The office is rad ‘cause we all sit at desks in the same room, so when someone finds something hilarious (and trust me, someone will find something hilarious every 10 minutes) the whole room hears about it. And thus, the whole room laughs together. There is a kitchen that has a fridge, and a coffee maker. But let's be real, you will want to get a coffee later on during the day, at the appropriately scheduled coffee break. A trip to one of the many local coffee shops at least once a day is all but required.

"Ya, you may have a slammin’ office, but what about the work?" is what you are probably asking me in your head, and I knew that ‘cause I am a psychic (what are you gonna do about it?). Anyway, work here is more like fun. Essentially you troll the internet the way a fishing ship scours the sea looking for tasty morsels of ocean life to put on your plate. But you are looking for super cool shiz to write up, and publish on the site, which is way less work than being employed on a fishing boat. Ya, you have goals to meet, and ya, you will become really good at writing about things you never thought you could write about, but that is part of it, it makes you a better writer, it stretches you beyond your comfort zone.

You also get to become very good friends with all forms of online social media, as in playing on Facebook is mandatory. Allow me to repeat in case you were too busy accepting a friend request: working and playing on Facebook is mandatory. And then you get to hone your editing skills, and work on individualized projects, which make for an entirely well-rounded educational experience.

But as you may or may not be able to tell, I am 100% against educational experiences, I am about fun. And if it is not fun, I am not going to do it. So, in order to guarantee that we all have a heck of a lot of fun, there are the legendary Fun Days. Oh ya, the first one saw me doing an incredibly long Liza Minnelli impersonation in front of the entire office (this in no way, is out of the ordinary, I do these quite often). But we are a laid back group that likes to have fun, whether it be while working, or well, you know, having fun.

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