Trend Hunter Blocked In China (We've Finally Made It!)

 - Mar 16, 2007
According to, Trend Hunter is blocked in the world's largest communist country! This is a great accomplishment. Thanks to all of the Trend Hunters who helped make it happen with posts about edgy content, free will and 'revolutionary' trends.

Great Fire Wall of China is a website that lets you check whether or not your website appears behind China's firewall. You can test any website real-time, for free. The only caveat the site makes is that in 1.0, sites could appear to be blocked simply because of technical difficulties routing to China... So maybe we're not blocked (yet). But there's more glamour in the idea that the Chinese government thinks we're too revolutionary for one billion people.

Here's how China's firewall works, "It is estimated that some 30,000 Chinese civil servants are monitoring Internet traffic and blocking content that is deemed undesirable. Typing in sensitive keywords such as 'democracy', 'Falun Gong' or 'porno' in a search engine results in an error message. Websites of a sensitive nature are being blocked. Internet service providers also (self)censor, as do individuals: many people do not express their real thoughts because they know these will be censored anyway." -