Travis Louie's 'GERMS' Puts a Face on the Things That Ail Us

Travis Louie is putting a human face on the microscopic organisms that make us sick in his latest sketch series. 'GERMS' is filled with black and white sketches of germs with human features like mustaches and mouths.

Personally, when I see Travis Louie's 'GERMS,' I can't help but be reminded of a 1920s and 30s criminal. The slick suits, the facial hair and the ties all contribute to making the germs of 'GERMS' look more like two-bit gangsters and less like invisible organisms.

Travis Louie's decision to go with a black and white color scheme for 'GERMS' was a great choice. Often times when germs are rendered in human form they are extremely colorful. Even a pink germ with a full beard still looks childish more often than not. Travis Louie's black and white coloring adds a nice level of maturity to these drawings. I almost wouldn't mind picking these guys up on a bathroom doorknob and taking them home with me. Almost.