Ex porn star Tia Brodie traded in her pole for a Torch

 - Apr 25, 2010
References: dailymail
The temperature was rising on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent show last night, as Tia Brodie torched her half naked body while singing the Kasabian song Fire. Wearing only nipple covers, knickers, and high heels, Tia’s act was enough to impress the judges Simon Cowell, who said "he loved the whole idea of being on fire and singing at the same time", and Piers Morgan who added "The question always is, would we like to see more of an act? And I suppose the answer is I would." Amanda Holden said the act was "a brilliant new way of hair removal on the legs" and called Cowell and Morgan "shameless".

In any case, Tia’s talents have advanced her to the second round. Tia hopes that people will judge her on not on what she’s done in the past, but on her act as it is today.