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 - Aug 15, 2012
References: topgear
With smartphone use on the rise it's difficult to imagine a world before we each carried a small computer in our pockets that's able to do so much more than make phone calls.

With the arrival of the smartphone has also come the era of the app - a small piece of software able to pull in content from the internet with the trend seeming to point to the end of browser based web surfing.

The new free Top Gear app released this week is such an app with users about to access up to the minute content from Top Gear and view exclusive clips, galleries, stories and interviews from the Top Gear team.

What's more the app isn't just available on iOS as is often the case, but is also available on Android, Nokia, Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry Playbook and various Blackberry mobile devices.

Implications - The screen of the smartphone and tablet is how many people will consume content in the 21st century and is therefore a platform that businesses need to consider as part of their strategy. With different operating systems it’s important now not to just focus on iOS but create apps for each platform.