Myspace Widgets, Facebook App, Toolbar, Database ++

 - Oct 15, 2007
References: trendhunter
Trend Hunter is constantly developing tools to help make your Trend Hunting experience more enjoyable.

Our tools also include widgets, apps and code so that you can showcase the hottest trends on your blog, facebook page or website.

1) MySpace / Blog Widget
Showcase the latest trends from on your blog, MySpace, etc. Customize the colour, size, and whether you want pictures, text or both.

2) Facebook Application
Spice up your Facebook Profile OR feature your own posts! Bonus: send notifications when you post a new trend!

3) Trend Hunter Toolbar
Find trends faster with bookmarked access to the top 100 sites for trend spotting and loads of cool tools. It's free, and doesn't contain any spyware.

4) Top 100+ Sites for Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting and Innovation
These are the top sites for trend spotting and cool hunting. If you are using our Trend Hunter Toolbar, these sites will appear automatically as bookmarks. The list was compiled based on several hundred submissions to our editors. If you have a favorite site that should be listed, please submit the site as a trend and we'll review it.

5) Net Buzz Dashboard
Net Buzz - Popular Buzz & Viral News - Trend Hunter's 'Net Buzz, Popular & Viral News' section features the hottest pages and viral news on the internet. These pages are buzzing in popularity, and can be a great source to find new trends. We've also included Trend Hunter's 16 most viral news stories from the past three days.

6) Trend Hunter Database
Explore our trend database of 10,000 trends by searching, jumping into our tag cloud or heading directly to the category of your choice. Note that you need to register FREE if you want access to everything...

7) Trend Hunter Interviews
In an ongoing quest to bring you a range of ideas about trend spotting and innovation, we are interviewing creative individuals in a wide range of fields. Recent interviews include trend spotting guru Seth Godin and Trend Hunter's own Jeremy Gutsche.

8) Unlocking Cool Presentation
Learn how to leverage your trend spotting for innovation. Innovation and strategic advantage hinge on the ability to anticipate trends and identify the next big thing. By tracking the evolution of cool, Trend Hunters generate ideas, stimulate creativity, and ultimately shape our social context.

9) Trend Candy, Our Free Weekly Newsletter
Trend Candy is a delicious free trend newsletter with all the hottest new trends, gadgets, innovation, pop culture and marketing strategy. Trend Candy is Trend Hunter's official trend newsletter. Join over 10,000 journalists, industry professionals and insatiably curious people who read Trend Candy every week.

10) Code for Embedding Our Feed
Pasting the following code into any web page will display the latest 10 trends (with pictures). The bonus here is that you can customize the CSS style to fit your site.

11) Code for Embedding a Specific Trend
The 'EMBED Code' on each trend page can be used to display the picture, title and an excerpt of any post.