Shelby Walsh Discusses the High-Tech Titanic Replica Ship

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: youtube
The Titanic replica ship commissioned by Clive Palmer is set to sail in 2016. With over $1 million dollar bids for a ticket to get on the maiden voyage, it seems as though people cannot get enough of the doomed liner. Shelby Walsh relates this fascination with the Titanic to various products in her latest interview.

The iconic Titanic Belfast building pays homage to the ill-fated ship. The $132 million, six-storey building has a metallic exterior that glistens in the sunlight with jagged edges that pierce the Irish sky. The building is located among the slipways where the actual HMS Titanic was built.

Eric Palmer has taken the serious Titanic movie poster and transformed it into a nostalgic, 8-bit design. The poster features a man in an ice cube frozen in time trying to get out.

The Titanic is a legendary story that touched the hearts and imaginations of
countless people. Let’s just hope there are more lifeboats this time on the Titanic replica ship.