The Tommy Wi-Show Revives the Host's Infamous Reputation (UPDATE)

 - Sep 28, 2011
References: machinima & gamepolitics
At first glance, I expected the Tommy Wi-Show to meet the same, cancelled fate as the director's other ill-advised project, but it seems the eerily reclusive Tommy Wiseau has successfully pushed his newest endeavor, an interactive game show, through the door.

Known as 'TW' to his extraterrestrial companions, Wiseau stumbles through a review of the recently released game Mortal Kombat, a mature-rated fighting game. The director comments on the game's blood-soaked visuals and gory content as he negotiates an encounter with the infamous Sub-Zero. So how well does the Citizen Kane of bad movies do in his eponymous game show? There are few words in the English language to describe the awkward dialogue and impromptu script, though the phrase "so bad it's good" springs to mind. If you've ever found yourself captivated by the French-American's mystique, give the Tommy-Wi Show a shot!