The Resomator Provides a Greener Alternative to Burial and Cremation

 - Sep 3, 2011
References: bbc & gizmodo
We are all eventually asked by curious friends, family and lovers whether we would like to be cremated, buried or even frozen, and now thanks to the Resomator, people will soon be adding "liquefied" to their responses to this rather morbid question. Although it seems to belong in some kind of futuristic film, the Resomator is actually being touted as a better alternative to cremators.

The Resomator unit was created by Resomation Ltd. The Resomator is a steel chamber that is filled with heated alkaline water. Through a process called alkaline hydrolysis, the body's tissue is dissolved away from the bones, which stay intact. The liquid remains are then separated from the solid. Although quite disturbing, Resomation states it is "dignified and respectful."