The Dos Equis Spot Offers a New 'The Most Interesting Man in the World'

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
'The Most Interesting Man in the World' is a character that's linked well to the Dos Equis brand -- the suave gentleman having graced its commercials for years.

Now, the well-loved beer brand has introduced a new mascot, with a short commercial that's dubbed 'Meet the New Most Interesting Man in the World.' It begins with an unknown man watching one of Dos Equis' former ads, which prompts the bartender to turn to him and ask "Think anyone will ever be as interesting as him?"

In response to this, the commercial then reveals what the man does -- scenes of him running through the street along with a tiny hat-wearing pig in his arms, exploring dark caves by torchlight and emerging from a spaceship all included. With this, the beer brand cleverly revitalizes The Most Interesting Man in the World -- allowing it to market to consumers in a way that's fresh yet familiar.