'The Hobbit' 3D Printing Campaign Boasts a Downloadable Blueprint

'The Hobbit' 3D Printing ad campaign that promotes the latest instalment, 'Desolation of Smaug,' which is set to hit theaters in under two weeks, is the first of its kind. It incorporates a downloadable blueprint so that the ultimate fans (who happen to also have access to a 3D printer) can get their hands on a covetable prop, the Key of Erebor, which is featured prominently through the film.

In a way, 'The Hobbit' 3D Printing ad campaign appeals to collectors and those who love to dress up for the premier of such box office hits. A collaboration between Microsoft and Warner Bros., the 'The Hobbit' 3D Printing ad campaign is essentially an interactive ad available on Windows 8 apps and eventually MSN and Xbox 360.